WHITE Oak Solid Floor smooth


White, smooth, country. Floorboards are ideal for people who appreciate durability and timeless solutions. Our wide range of 100% solid wood boards allows them to be fitted perfectly to a large variety of rooms and areas.

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Floorboards oiled and varnished in our factory, are guaranteed to have flawless and even colouring. We always start this process by covering the top of the floorboard with oil, which becomes absorbed by the wood and enhances its durability. After this we add a final layer of varnish or hardwax oil - depending on your choice.

Wood type: oak
Dimensions: 15.5 x 120 x 610-2610 mm
Grade: Country
Surface: smooth
Colour: white

Finish code:
S07 – oiled floorboards
L07 – varnished floorboards

Country grade - very diversified wood colour and structure, strong tints, joined, cracked knots or with losses up to 65 mm in diameter acceptable (holes and shakes are filled with a suitable wood filler), closed core acceptable, sapwood unacceptable.

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