Patio PYRAMID heater


Gas patio heater, will provide thermal comfort during cold days and evenings. Available in black and inox.

  • gas
Heating sourcegas

The device is suitable for a liquid gas in the bottle, which emits harmless infrared radiation perceived by people as heat. The felt air temperature within the range of the lamp operation is 18-20  o C, despite the much lower ambient temperature. The gas flow regulator allows you to adjust the radiation power to the outside temperature. A simple source of energy - liquid gas (gas cylinder) ensures mobility and safety. 

Technical parameters:

Color: silver - inox/black powdered steel
Power: 10.5 kW 
Gas consumption: 720 g 
Gas type: propane-butane / propane 
Gas pressure: 30-50 mBar 
Weight: 24 kg 
Dimensions: 225 x 54 x 64 cm

Advantages of the radiator:

  • portable device
  • simple energy source - gas cylinder
  • an excellent solution for home, cafe and restaurant gardens; 
  • irreplaceable during outdoor events or under garden tents
  • emits harmless infrared radiation felt as heat
  • instant heat sensation
  • automatic ignition (piezos burning stove)- equipped with double protection: closes the gas supply in the event of tipping or the appearance of a fire source

Standard equipment:

  • flexible pipe with the possibility of connection to the gas pipe and gas reducer, which provides the required gas supply pressure 
  • gas reducer 
  • operating and assembly manual 
  • -E certificate - admission to trading on the European Union market


hose, regulator, clamps.

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