Log Shelter



Solid wood shed, which is distinguished by its compact design, is the perfect storage compartment for wood for the fireplace you store in your garden.

A garden shed is not only a convenient storage room for seasonal firewood, but also a spectacular variety of the home environment, as well as an excellent way to maintain order, because kept loose bulk of the often fall out and cause a mess. The advantage of the construction is also very simple assembly, which you do with a little help of a householder or friend and some basic tools.

• the wood is aesthetically, durable and perfectly integrated with the environment, the many advantages of which will completely change the comfort of storing more wood for your fireplace

• robust construction of pressure impregnated wood is very resistant to environmental factors, from rain to variable temperatures and strong sunlight

• the carefully thought out shape and proportions allow for convenient storage of firewood and economical use of garden space

• reinforced rear and outdoor front provide comfortable access to the interior and adequate ventilation

• the sloping roof protects the contents of the wood from falling rain

• natural pine wood is ecological and does not interfere with the character of your garden

• carefully crafted woodshed will help you to master the clutter that is normally associated with storing firewood

• attractive, highly decorative construction will not only create the best conditions for seasoning wood, but will also eliminate clutter and will be an attractive garden decoration.


weight: 79 kg
type of wood: pine impregnation
color: green
wall thickness: 1.4 cm (incl. stretcher: 4.9 cm)
dimensions: 175 x 180 x 73 cm
flooring surface: 0.81 m2
assemble time: 2 hrs

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