Decking Scantlings for Blooma System



With the help of composite scantlings, you can complete the terrace construction with modern boards. 

This type of element will allow you to implement various projects in the field of landscaping - on your property, in the garden or on the premises of public buildings. The composite squared timber ensures excellent resistance to various external conditions.


Thickness of the board 30 mm
Dimensions of the board 50 x 3000 mm
Package height 3 cm
Package length 5 cm
Package width 300 cm
Gross weight 3.14 kg

Areas of application for various projects in the field of creating terraces and landscaping

Warranty 5 years
Mark Bloom
Additional information product suitable for terraces with borders made of composite material
Manufacturer's brown color
Composite material: high density polyethylene - 30%, natural material - 52%, calcium carbonate - 8%, additives - 10%.

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