Composite Decking Board GRAY


With the help of the presented composite board, you can make an elegant and durable terrace floor.  Available in 220 or 300 cm.

  • 21x145x2200 mm
  • 21x145x3000 mm

 The material from which this element was produced is characterized by excellent properties - it is fully resistant to difficult weather conditions.
Thanks to this, the gray board will keep its elegant appearance and functionality for a long time.


Board thickness 21 mm
The dimensions of the board are 145 x 2200 mm
Package height 2.1 cm
The length of the packaging is 14.5 cm
Package width 220 cm
Gross weight 4.8 kg for 220 or 6.55 kg for 300 cm.

Areas of application: for various projects in the field of creating terraces and landscaping

Manufacturer's color: gray
Composite material: polyethylene, rice pulp, resins.

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