STARTER set FREE with any stove



Instead of €16.47

STARTER set absolutely FREE with any stove (non boiler, back boiler, freestanding) bought from us in one transaction:

- 3x 10 kgs RUF logs

- bottle of XANTO foam cleaner 660 ml.


  • eco-friendly energy - it perfectly replaces coal, logs and turf
  • made from hardwood sawdust, without any admixtures of glue and binders
  • humidity: 6-8%
  • energy value: over 20,000 kJ / kg
  • glowing time: 4-6h.

Fireplace and oven  super strong cleaning foam will significantly improve daily cleaning:

  • An excellent, powerful spray will remove all traces of scorching, fat and dirt

  • And without any difficulty, scrubbing, scraping and scratching

  • The foam is effective and economical, it lasts for a long time

  • In addition, it is extremely easy to use - just spray cleaned surface, wait about 30 minutes and wipe with a clean cloth to dry

  • It perfectly cleans old dried dirt from: fireplace glass, grilles of various types, ovens, oven windows, plates, pans, pots.

  • capacity of 660ml.


  • dangerous product
  • read the description before the first use
  • Keep out of sight and reach of children.

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