External AIR INLET set



Instead of €130.89

External air inlet – special connector mounted in fireplace insert, which supplies the fresh air to the insert directly from outside.

The cold air intake is a special connector mounted on customer's request for an additional charge to each of our fireplace inserts, which has a cast-iron base.

Set includes:

  • air inlet
  • transition pipe
  • passage fi 100%
  • flex aluminium pipe fi 100
  • throttle fi 100 with pull rod.

For proper operation, each fireplace needs the right amount of air. Often, its scarcity becomes one of the main problems of malfunctioning of the contribution. In order for the fireplace to not cause us any problems, it must have approx. 8-10 m3 / h of air supplied per 1 kg of wood. If there is no other way, he gets air from the room in which he is located. And because it is most often located in the living room, i.e. a place where we often stay, in fact indirectly, "it takes our fresh air.

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