FIREMAN chimney cap fi 200



   Chimney cap, so-called fireman, is a device to support the fireplace thrust. It is used as the end of flue pipes from fireplaces and solid fuel stoves. The fireman, thanks to its construction, always sets up to the wind, which results in the improvement of the chimney draft and, in the case of large winds, falling into the chimney and thus extinguishing the hearth.

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The movable upper part also protects the chimney from rain. It is ideal for people with too low chimney. The firefighter turns the pan, which, when it is greased once a season, causes its failure-free and resistance to grit, eliminating the problem of blocking the rotary system caused by too high temperature.

ATTENTION: It is possible to use the base for firefighter 33cmx33cm
- sheet thickness: 0.6 mm
- diameter: 200 mm
- temperature resistance: 400 ° C
- material: acid-resistant stainless steel

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