BIO- ethanol liquid fuel 1l


Ecological source of energy: bio-ethanol liquid 1L

A special liquid for use in fireplaces as an ecological source of energy. Obtained from biological alcohol, it burns completely without emitting odor or smoke. The product of combustion is water vapor and carbon dioxide in amounts similar to air exhaled by man. It is therefore completely safe for health.

  • 1 liter of biofuel is burned for 2-5 hours - depending on the size of the flame. It is an efficient and relatively cheap source of energy. After just a few minutes of its use, a noticeable increase in the room temperature is felt.
  • An additional advantage of biofuel is the lack of soot or ash, which arise when smoking in traditional fireplaces.
  • Combustion of biofuel does not require special fireplaces. It only needs - as in other devices with an open fire - a possibly constant air supply.
  • The bio-fireplace with application can also be used for aromatherapy.
  • Biofuel does not dry the air, but moisturizes it. By giving fragrance oils, we can use a biofireplace as a healing device.
  • The magic and charm of the fireplace flame creates a cozy atmosphere in the home and is a source of relaxation.
  • Biofuel is a Polish product, 100% ecological.
  • It is available in 1 liter packages.


  • Pour the liquid into a matal container for smoking.
  • The container can only be filled up to 2/3 of its volume.
  • Make sure that the liquid has not been spilled out of the container and ignite.

NOTE: It is not allowed to add biofuel to the burning bio ethanol fireplace.

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